MTK GLOBAL Eamon - 0 2018-06-12
Former Irish and Celtic cruiserweight king Ian Tims has confirmed his retirement from boxing at the age of 38.
The Dublin man was halted in the second round by rising star Jack Massey on the Tyson Fury undercard on June 9 and has called time after more than a decade as a professional. Tims, who was close to claiming the European title in 2012, said: “I’ve had it in my head to go for a while and then I got caught badly on Saturday night and twisted my knee. That’s life. “I’ve loads of regrets, if I’m honest. Those are the choices we make in life and there wasn’t much happening in my career until MTK Global came along. They were a breath of fresh air. “I wouldn’t like to pick a highlight from my career. I don’t think I really had any! I had two great fights with Michael Sweeney and another cracker with Juho Haapoja for the European. Apart from that there were so many frustrations with injuries. “I won’t miss the messing about before fights, like being told you’re on at 11pm and then suddenly being told you’re on in 10 minutes at about 8pm. It made me lose interest in boxing for a while. “I suppose I could’ve done better but the time went so fast. I’ve been boxing 25 years and it’s like I clicked my fingers and it’s just flown by. Still, I’m happy I found the sport. It’s all I’ve done and I don’t know what to do now. “I want to thank everyone who’s helped me and put time and effort into my career. I fought on some big cards and I’m grateful for that. I’ll look to do some coaching now – I’ve already had a couple of people ask me.” Tims made his debut in March 2008 and quickly reeled off three straight victories at the National Stadium in Dublin. He remained undefeated until suffering a points reverse to Haapoja in Finland in 2012. Stay up to date with all the latest at and on social @mtkglobal