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Billy Allington doesn’t plan to talk the talk – he simply wants to keep improving as he heads for Bracknell to face Gyula Rozsas on Sunday.

The promising super-lightweight faces his first opponent with a winning record on the back of a frustrating first-round technical draw last month and is hopeful of showcasing his improvements.

 Allington said: “I’m not interested in talking. I’m a fighting man. I’ve got a conscience and if I started talking, I’d get locked in to the stress of it all. The idea is to get in there and fight, not talk.

“I’ve been sparring Ben Smith lately but I’ve sparred people like Johnny Coyle, Ahmet Patterson and Gary Corcoran in the past.

“When you jump yourself in there with people like that, you’ve either got it or you haven’t and it’s all about dealing with circumstance and styles. If you’ve got it, you’ll improve. If not, you’ll tuck up and take shots.

“Sparring Gary, he’d give me little pointers. He could feel my shots and wasn’t talking down at me. He was helping me out because he’s been where I’ve been. You can’t beat that opportunity.

“Because I’m at the Peacock Gym, there are always some top boys around to spar. If you can learn from it, you get a real feel for it and when you get in there again it gives you that opportunity to work your game plan and do better.

“I know I’m a good fighter and I know I’m improving. With a pinch of luck, that improvement will be displayed this time around.”


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