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Unbeaten Liverpool heavyweight Alex Dickinson has lifted the lid on his spars with Tyson Fury as he prepares to fight on the lineal world champion’s undercard.

 Dickinson (5-0-KO3) takes on David Howe at the Manchester Arena on Saturday night and having blasted Lee Carter aside in his previous bout, is improving all the time amid sessions with Fury.

Dickinson said: “I’ve learned a lot from Tyson. I can’t believe how someone that big can do everything he can do. Normally a heavyweight has a strength – box on the inside or stay at range etc – but he can genuinely do everything.

“I’ve boxed many rounds with him. They were good spars. I felt a bit better by the end of it because I’d learned so much. It was absolutely eye-opening. He gave me a bloody nose but it was a learning experience. He’s unbelievable.

“Getting put under pressure by someone that big, that size, trying to keep the range when he’s got all that height and keeping your head out of the way is perfect preparation. It was amazing.

“He’s a gentleman as well. How people see him on social media and on TV is exactly how he is in real life. There’s no act. He’s an inspiration with what he’s done boxing-wise and how he acts. He treats everyone the same. He doesn’t change for the cameras.

“Exercise can make you feel so good about yourself. Tyson has lost that much weight and he’s looking good. If you’re down in the dumps, there’s someone to talk to and exercise is the best form of help you can have.

“There’s nothing better. The weight is coming off Tyson and he’s licking his lips looking at the world title holders.”

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