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How to become an MTK Global franchisee

We only grant rights to become a franchisee in markets where rights have not already been given. MTK Global is constantly evaluating new areas and is following a long-term strategic expansion plan, which sets our priorities of future growth, where to put focus and when.


Entry to a new area or country are made after thorough market studies and franchisees are carefully evaluated prior to selection.

When selecting franchisees, MTK GLOBAL, among other things, evaluates the following:


  • Experience
  • Local market knowledge and presence
    • (able to demonstrate ability to establish and operate MTK Global Gyms/ Boxer Management and Training nationally or internationally)
  • Culture and values
  • Financial strength and ability to carry through the investment


If you are interested in applying, please email franchise@mtkglobal.com with your details and a proposal.


If you would like to discuss the sponsorship of the MTK brand please contact: sponsors@mtkglobal.com

Investing in MTK Global

MTK Global - BoxingThere are opportunities for investment into the MTK Global brand and we are always interested in both long and short term partnership ventures. For further information please email Invest@mtkglobal.com