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Dr. Mirko Wolf to join MTK Global as Head of Business Development

MTK Global is pleased to announce that the management team has brought in another high-profile boxing expert to grow its international platform.

Dr. Mirko Wolf has established himself firmly within the boxing industry over the past years having been an undefeated professional boxer himself before moving into administrating the sport in various positions.

Mirko holds a doctorate degree in sports science and has applied his knowledge in key positions within the international amateur boxing federation. He then ventured into the professional boxing environment having worked with many of the world’s best boxing promoters positioning fighters and ensuring their best career paths.

On joining MTK Global, Mirko says: “I heard a lot of good things about MTK Global but it is when I met the management team of the company and saw their broad understanding of the business as well as the caring environment for each of their fighters that I knew it would be great to work with MTK Global.”

“I am excited to be a part of MTK Global now and there is no doubt on my mind that MTK will keep on growing fast and confirming its position as a true boxer’s home,” he added.

MTK Global’s CEO Sandra Vaughan believes there is no one better to fulfil the role than Dr. Wolf:

“I am very pleased to welcome Mirko to the team,” says Vaughan. “There is an immense joy working with like-minded individuals whose background of boxing both in theory and practice is unquestionable. His years of experience in the industry and his business acumen will propel the growth of the company, exploring strategic opportunities and new markets worldwide.”

Further announcements on new management personnel will follow shortly.

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